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A Modern Trendsetter

Updated: May 16, 2020

The Digi-Collaborative Office - Office for DP Corp by ABM Architects:

ABM architects create a young and collaborative working environment, to keep pace with the client’s transformation, and cater to its new age users.

DB Corp is the largest selling newspaper company in India and the fourth largest in the world. When ABM was hired to design a new, creative office space for them, the company was in the process of transforming into a leading digital media company as well.

Picture courtesy: ABM Architects

It was imperative that ABM created a young and collaborative working environment, to keep pace with the client’s transformation, and cater to its new age users.

At a macro scale, ABM made simple architectural moves to achieve this – maximizing glazing on the north for efficiency, interconnecting offices with double height spaces, and integrating a high-tech building management system.

Picture courtesy: ABM Architects

At a micro scale, ABM looked to recent trends in office design – by eliminating traditional cabins altogether, and including 20 uniquely designed meeting rooms, lounges and break out areas, we were able to allow for collaborative discussion spaces within an open office environment.

Picture courtesy: ABM Architects

To create a healthy, low-stress environment for the users of the space, high-end Haworth furniture and ergonomic chairs were incorporated into the design. ABM also focused on the smaller design details, such as efficient glare-free lighting, Milliken stain smart carpet tiles in the work areas, and epoxy floors for the high-traffic corridors (which also adds an unexpected pop of color to the space!)

The ground floor showcases a double height reception, accompanied with a board room and lounge. This theme weaves its way through the building and reappears on the 4th floor in a completely custom-designed executive space.

Picture courtesy: ABM Architects

Café@5, the all-day dining zone at the top level, was conceived as a relaxed, fluid space, and so we chose a graffiti pattern for the accent wall, and added colorful, custom Kandeel light fixtures for a festive vibe.

This project was a first for ABM – it gave us the ability to revisit playful design, and completely customize what can be seen as the ‘workplace of tomorrow’. The office has been operational for more than 6 months, and the feedback regarding efficiency, user health, and building management, has been extremely positive.

Project: The Digi-Collaborative Office - Office for DP Corp Location: Noida, India Firm: ABM Architects

Instagram: Principal Architect: Alfaz Miller Design Team/ Consultants: Riyaz Himany and Harshada Pathare Interior Contractor: BNP Interiors Photography: Tanuj Ahuja


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