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A refreshing and vibrant take on fashion stores

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

“Miyabi” which means “Elegance” in Japanese is an “only by appointment" studio located in the suburbs of Mumbai.

The site was an abandoned space in an industrial estate which required a complete makeover for a fashion concept store specifically targeting prospective brides and grooms and their respectively families to “walk-in, browse, brainstorm, aspire and curate looks all under one roof for the big day!”

Picture courtesy: NACL

The brief was to create a refreshing and vibrant setting where clients could stroll though the space at leisure, sip a cup of coffee and plan their looks. The start point and the main inspiration for designing this space was using raw skeletal 'I' beam trusses that were existing and originally created for a mezzanine that no longer existed. With a very tight budget to work with, designers at NACL used these skeletal structures to their advantage, where they extruded them in height and converted it into a pergola-looking roof with artificial creepers and exposed bulbs hanging from them under which the clients and the designers could discuss at leisure, as though sitting in a verandah and discussing fashion over a cup of coffee!

Picture courtesy: NACL

Since it was a studio space, rather than a typical boutique which had numerous outfits on display, the idea was to create an open plan concept which allowed free movement as per the user’s mood with minimal or no pre-defined pathways to browse around. Hence, the space was divided into 2 zones only. One was the ‘Veranda’ -the main studio space which displayed all the products along with the central seating for brainstorming. The other was a more private ‘Study’ space for the designer the designer’s embroidery patches were used to create a wall art that gave the space a chance to constantly change in its look and feel.

Picture courtesy: NACL

The massive wall-to-wall and full height checkered arched partition divided these 2 zones effortlessly. It camouflaged the designers work space and also created a visual impact for anyone who entered the studio. It was completely fabricated in metal and glass, lending the creeper studded pergola with a strong backdrop. A large mirror was infused on this partition which blended into the design flawlessly. Trial rooms were created keeping in mind the open plan concept and hence only thick curtains were used to distinguish the area, which when unused became invisible allowing it to merge within the studio space.

Earthy colors and textures were used to give the exterior feel with Kota stone on the floors, checkered patterns along the wall dado and the use of metal to form sleek display racks.
Picture courtesy: NACL

The entire design was created to provide an experience that was inviting, instantly making anyone who walks-in comfortable and relaxed without seeming too overwhelming or pompous.

Project: The Garden Shop

Location: Andheri, Mumbai

Firm: NACL - Natasha Aggarwal Creative Living

Area : 750 sft

Completion date : may 2018

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