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A Spectacular Home in Gurgaon Showcases Opulent Modern Interiors with Grand Notes

Tatvam Villas by MADS Creations

MADS Creations’ Founder and Principal Designer Meenu Agarwal’s lavishly laid out home at Tatvam Villas, Gurgaon

The expansive duplex home is designed to interact with the lush green exteriors through the large windows opening out to the poolside and the perfectly manicured lawn. As a result, the interiors reveling in rich elements, gold finishes, and gilt edges never overpower the inherent calm and harmony of the spaces, instead, they unfold like a delightful extravaganza.

Luxurious Spider Beige marble flooring sets a luminous stage for a play of bold and interesting design features through the house. In certain areas, marble inlay work is used to embellish the flooring, the charming patterns adding oodles of glamour to the space.

The exquisitely designed furniture pieces introduce unique silhouettes and shapes, rich colors, and finish into the spaces. Custom curated artworks, paintings and accessories add the perfect final touches. A largely neutral background decorated with textured wallpapers, paneling, and stone claddings play host to gold accents and bold strokes.

The entrance foyer features in the center, a small water body with floating flowers in a welcoming gesture. A chandelier hangs low over the pond serenely. As you step inside, you enter the inner double-height courtyard that is illuminated by a skylight. Ahead is the staircase, beyond which lie all living areas that open out to the backyard pool and garden area.

All through the house, you see custom-created paintings that add much color, character, and quirkiness to the spaces, while plants in interesting planters inject freshness into the luxurious spaces. The final outcome is an aesthetically appealing, refined environment with a pleasing dose of gilt edges and glamour.

Project: Tatvam Villas

Location: Gurugram

Design House: Studio Lotus

Design Team: MADS Creations

Photography: Meenu Agarwal


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