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A walk through the city

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

June 22, 2019

Picture Courtesy - Himon Mukherjee

I was taking a walk in the city and realized just how mesmerizing it is to watch the first rays of light fall upon a tower. I had to capture that right away using some creative techniques.

When it comes to architectural photography, light and shadow on the subject and its composition plays a key role.This photo was shot at around 6 in the morning at the golden hour, but the challenge was to find an angle that would emphasize the tower in-spite of a busy frame. I was able to find a better view by climbing on a half broken balcony of a small house that was probably aging from years. I somehow climbed with the hopes of not falling with it and luckily nothing happened except disturbing a few pigeons.

In the field of photography where we strive so much to take a shot, it's necessary to change your ways of capturing moments to get the desired result. One needs to have a sense of persistence and vision and that portrays through your picture.A skill that requires a lot of practice!

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