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Aaquib Wani Designs an Experiential Installation for the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

Embracing Khadi by Aaquib Wani Design

For the 150th birth anniversary of Gandhi, United Nations decided to showcase the man through one of his most noted gift – Khadi. For Gandhi, khadi and charkha were more than just handloom.

They were symbolic of empowered, self-reliant communities, of independence from exploitative economic structures, and of equitable employment and enterprise for common people.

The Khadi fabric, like the man's ideas, has stood the test of time. This interactive installation aimed to envelop the audience with the cloth and the craft behind it and was created as a tribute to khadi, and the people behind making it a continued reminder of sustainability.

The installation was a walk in interaction - the side walls made out of spinning

cylinders placed one below the other, attached on poles. These cylindrical shapes

were covered in Khadi creating a corridor. This brought in the Charkha metaphor

showcasing cloth being spun continuously by Indians making them self-reliant and promoting usage of inherently Indian materials.

A charkha was placed in the centre with a ‘stand here’ sticker on the floor next to it. Once the audience spins the Charkha, the cloth on the ceiling comes down and

drapes on the person standing under it. The audience could participate in this

interactive installation at two touch points - spinning the charkha and the cloth

draping from the ceiling. There is also touch and feel of the fabric itself and the direct connect of Gandhi from the charkhra.

The experiential installation has been designed as a tribute to khadi and the people behind making it a continued reminder of sustainability.

Concept and Design: Aaquib Wani Design

Production: The Metal Art


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