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Magari Launches 'Aayutha' & 'Luna Table' series

'Aayutha' & 'Luna Table' series by Magari

Magari, the popular home decor and furniture brand launches two pleasantly distinctive collections of furniture, namely ‘Aayutha’ and the ‘Luna Table’ series. While the former evokes the fluidity of the Tamil script, the latter, on the other hand, brings the moon to your homes!


A set of tables that explore the inherent nature of concrete; how it develops its own characteristic texture, creating unique patterns open to interpretation. Drawing inspiration from the moon, the concrete bases have been enhanced by the artist with hand-drawn textures that perfectly create the imperfections of a moon’s surface, with colours and patterns progressing to show the waxing, waning and a phenomenal red moon.

The Connect

Humans especially women, have had for long, a profound connection to the moon. We crave its attention, its guidance, and its mystic properties. We feel powerful under it-gaining energy and strength from her presence. It’s all a matter of learning how to live our life by each moon phase.

The Phases

Each table artistically represents a phase of the moon and its significance, and has parallels drawn with life.The new moon- Not only a fresh start but a time of retreat- a time when one can regain strength to begin again. The waxing crescent - stands for intention, hopes, and wishes, as one is recharged and ready to be planted.

The first quarter - one starts to feel some resistance in the form of obstacles- the first hurdles at achieving goals are experienced here.Slowly moving towards one phase away from becoming a full moon, this signifies adjustment, refining, and editing- helping one realize what is needed to revaluate, give up, or change directions.

The full moon - an experience of heightened tension as one fights to balance two extreme emotions-either benefits in the form of new opportunities or results from the hard work done the previous week.

The last quarter moon- Where gratitude, sharing and enthusiasm help one to let go of things and forgive- so that one is able to receive the new intentions during the new cycle.

The Red moon- A beautiful and rare occurrence, with strong spiritual significance implying confidence, feminine strength, and passion, the strength to stand out. A shift in consciousness is experienced.


யாதும்ஊரேயாவரும்கேளிர்- All towns are one, everyone our kin.

Aayutha is an exclusive collection by Magari. The collection is a true amalgamation of community-based handcrafted design that evokes the fluidity of the Tamil script. The low seating dining table set represents a message of balance that can be seen in the design of the products. It pairs the historic stone-carving art and weightlessness of contemporary materials into one fluid design. The internal design team evoked inspiration through the unique triple-dotted Aayutha letter from the Tamil script. Aayutha collection is a true medley of community-based crafts with modern-day practices.

Harmony- The universe is a delicate balance of integrity and coexistence, with disparate forms coming together to form a single cohesive entity. This philosophy of harmony permeates the fabric of the world around us, blurring the boundaries between life and the non-living, individuals and communities.

This beautiful dance of coexistence is reflected in the spirit of Magari, where disparate community crafts amalgamate into one – a singular design that forms a true reflection of its origins. It sings of ‘each one’ and ‘everyone’ in the same breath of structure, art and function.

Balance- The subliminal message of balance precipitates into the design of this stone table bringing together the historic stone-carving art from the famed Mammallapuram and the modern weightlessness of contemporary materials into one fluid design. One that echoes the fluidity of the script of the historic Tamil language, an inspiration behind the very design through the unique triple-dotted ayutha letter. The two-part design of contrasting polished stone – smooth black and rough grey – creates an experience of weightless wonder while staying true to the roots of coexistence in harmony.

Stability- Relations between individuals and communities are oft volatile, but for enduring harmony, stability is of paramount importance. It is the balancing-point where contradictions meet coexistence to pave the way for a new era of tradition.

The low-seating dining chairs may hail from more modern times with brass and upholstery. But the form of wood and strings take beholders back to the origins of craft in tenacious surroundings, where stability was imperative.

The Architect:

Amitha Madan is the Principal Designer at Magari and Treelight Design. She did her architecture degree at BMSCE, Bangalore and then practised with a local firm. She is part of the founding team of Infinity Design Corp, the parent brand of Treelight Design (the architecture and interior design wing of IDC, established in 2015) and Magari (the brand providing furniture, furnishings, kitchens and wardrobes; established in 2016).Design should be timeless and not bound to any particular typology is a sensibility she imbibes in all her work, be it architecture or product design. She strongly believes that “Ideas come from everywhere if you are open to receive them and the most inspiring is the abstract called life.”




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