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Ahmedabad based Adhwa Creates A Unique Display Lounge Experience for this Sanitary and Plumbing Fit

The display lounge for international luxury bath fittings brands is designed to embody the brands’ values in a memorable and minimal manner.

Textures of polished veneer, exposed concrete and grey nano flooring methodically come together as choreographed backdrops for the products and fittings on display. The over 2500sq.ft. space is organized into distinct experience areas based on3 brands, their products and design philosophies.

The section for Satyam is designed as a lesson in the neat inner workings of their SS piping products, set within an exposed brick yet another material designed to display products beautifully!

Project: Satyam

Location: Ahmedabad

Design House: Adhwa Architects

Principal Architects: Dhwanil Patel & Ankita Adhwa

Photography: Ishita Sitwala





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