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All Beige and Minimal Interiors fill this Home in Mumbai with Opulence and Warmth

In the project, pale beige is solely incorporated throughout the house while using various textures and patterns in paint, fabric, and furniture to introduce subtle nuances of softness and volume.

Upon entering, the vista opens up and the true power of beige resonates in the mind. The living space and dining area seamlessly blend into each other to create one family space. The tv unit exudes a soft glow echo through the use of cream and brown paint applied on grooves with a patch of marble cladding, which was then enhanced by the various elements across the clan. The flooring adds little drama which created pockets of color and vibrancy, which contrasted sharply with the muted palette.

Project: Minimal Abode

Location: Mumbai

Design House: H&R: The Design Group

Principal Designers: Hetvi Mewada

Photography: Anish Padalkar





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