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Alta Architects Unveil Architectural Style Made of Light for La Providence High School in France

The project, located on the street of La Croix Desille, is an educational establishment divided into 3 entities: a post-baccalaureate establishment with 6 classes for 150 students and a cafeteria on the ground floor; a high school with 10 classes with technical and administrative facilities for 350 students; and a sports hall.

The project is part of the iconic writing of Malo identity: as it is a partially "professional" high school dedicated to construction techniques, two architectural elements are highlighted: two large beams that carry all the floors and facades of the equipment. The atrium distributes the entire program from the corridors and walkways. It acts as a buffer space, allowing the regulation of the climatic atmosphere of the building (solar contribution in winter, cooling, and natural ventilation in summer).

Project: La Providence High School

Location: Saint-Malo, France

Design House: ALTA

Principal Designer: ALTA Le Trionnaire - Le Chapelain

Photography: Charly Broyez


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