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Amoeba Design Studio Creates a Calm, Meditative Abode within a Densely Populated Pune Neighbourhood

The Introvert House by Amoeba Design Studio

Located in a densely populated urban area, this house was conceptualized with the primary thought of creating a calm, meditative space contrary to its existing context.

The house is a dialogue between tradition and innovation, between craftsmanship and design and their amalgamation to form the contemporary design.

Picture Courtesy: Amoeba Design Studio

The existing house was stripped down from the inside and redesigned paying close attention to the light, space and materials. Designers for this project strived to craft a space that adds rich texture and allows it to adapt a deeper meaning into the space. As a result, creating a crafted environment that speaks of journey in time and space.

Picture Courtesy: Amoeba Design Studio

The underutilized existing terrace was re-designed keeping in mind the family's need of a private space which also opens up when needed. The terrace is partly enclosed on the sides with layers of wooden and brick screens and metal pergolas providing grades of privacy, textured light and enclosure within the busy urban environment.

The idea was to create a space which can simply close its eyes and detach itself from the chaos of civilization creating an oasis of peace and privacy; almost like being in a state of meditation.

Picture Courtesy: Amoeba Design Studio

The bedrooms on the first floor opens up to the terrace providing opportunities for extended conversations, to relax and unwind. The best way to transform a room is to allow it to breathe by letting the air and light come through. Keeping this in mind, a mezzanine was added in the living room as a transitional space for reading area creating levels of interaction.

Picture Courtesy: Amoeba Design Studio

It was very important to identify the material palette which is humble and honest that creates comfort for everyone. Designers stuck to the basic material palate like Kadapa, Jaisalmer, Kota, bricks and wood and elevated their value through design and craftsmanship.

Project: The Introvert House

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Design House: Amoeba Design Studio

Principal Architects: Ar. Pashmin Shah, Ar. Satyajeet Patwardhan

Photography: Kunal Khadse and Rohan Joshi


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