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An Artist's Interpretation of Wanting to Break Free from Societal Norms

'Breaking Free' by Barsa Das

For long I was under the impression that being trapped or being shadowed was wrong and nothing good ever comes from hiding. This project is personal in its true sense in breaking that impression.

Coming from a place filled with prejudices and parameters on how one should lead a “secure” life, especially for a woman I was never truly given the opportunity to do what makes me feel good.

Picture Courtesy: Barsa Das

Be it exploring empowerment through self-portraits or even pursuing what actually makes me happy. Even though I was provided quite a lot of freedom to do what makes me financially stable and I am so much more privileged than my counterparts. This project helps me explore a part of me that is censored or caged. This project gives me a little window to the vast plethora of personal freedom I am trying to achieve.

Picture Courtesy: Kritika Saini

I find the constant game of hide and seek with my true self and the socially acceptable self to be entertaining and risky. I aspire to break free of the constraints one day but as long as I don't I will take this journey of secret self-exploration with creativity and bravery.

Picture Courtesy: Kritika Saini

The monochromatic tones of the images are developed from a personal preference. I wanted images that do not distract from the unusual body composition or the texture of the fabric. These postures are so to break the idea that everybody has to pose to look a certain way to be attractive.

Picture Courtesy: Kritika Saini

The postures are also an intentional mix of soft curves and straight lines to incorporate the highs and lows in mental strength to keep pursuing the censored. The images should just not speak for me but for anyone who feels trapped or caged by social insecurities and rules which is the reason associated with the use of veils or the covers.

Concept & Write-up: Barsa Das

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