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Bangalore Gets a New Art Gallery cum Restaurant Derived from Sri Lankan Tropical Architecture

The site is located in south Bangalore, it was an existing bungalow which had to be converted into a restaurant. The client wanted a space with not too many covers but instead, more focus is given to the whole experience of dining out, right from the interiors of the space, to the way the food is presented and served to his customers.

The inspiration was from Geoffrey Bawa’s architecture and design sense. The intent was to maximize the usability of the space after studying the existing structure in-depth with its limitations. Minimal details which would create a larger impact on the overall aesthetics & feel of the space were added.

The idea was to create spaces that were lit only through indirect lighting, a contrast between the floor & the ceiling, and spaces where the artworks would stand out the most with a few vernacular details added on to bring out the tropical vernacular character & vibe.

Project: Maya

Location: Bangalore

Design House: Maze Concept Design LLP

Principal Designers: Koushik Ramesh & Priyanka MC

Photography: Arjun Krishna


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