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Bangalore Gets a New State-of-the-art Brewpub that Features Retractable Ceilings and Movable Walls

The JP Nagar neighbourhood of South Bangalore has quickly become the place to go for a night out on the town. JP Nagar's latest addition to the city's brewpub landscape is The Pump House. With a seating capacity of 400 people, this space measures 16,000 square feet.

The owners of The Pump House have always been sure of what they wanted to name this large space. Paying tribute to their family, they were the first to set up a pump house in Hessarghatta in the late 1800s, and this has been the central theme across the interior design of the space.

The seating on the ground floor has been designed in an amphitheatre style with two levels, giving each group of diners a unique view. Looking down from higher floors gives the space a distinct visual appeal. All of the landscaping, including the small fig tree, was planted at the start of construction so that it would be ready for the opening.

The surprise element of The Pump House is the 'retractable roofs!' This lets in a lot of natural light because it is kept open to the sky all day, except at night and during rainstorms. With the walls that can be lowered or raised, ventilation and the best of Bangalore weather can be enjoyed in a controlled environment. When the place fills up - and believe us, it does - the desert fans certainly help to keep things comfortable. The roof has been lined with colour changing LEDs. On first glance they look red but, they can turn into a range of colours adding a level of dynamism to this brewpub.

Going from day to evening to night time at The Pump House gives you a unique experience – from the visual appeal, to the shadow play thanks to the retractable roof and the lighting structure.

Project: The Pump House

Location: Bangalore

Design House: WDA Spaces

Principal Architect: Jatin Hukkeri


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