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Bangalore's New Peppy Restobar Conceived between Arched Colonnades and Vaulted Roofs

Suzy Q by Maze Concept

The site was an already existing restaurant at the heart of the city which the client wanted to renovate to match the growing energy and the demand of the Bangalore crowd.

The restaurant had a prominent arched colonnade and vaulted roof with a ceiling height of 20 feet. The focus of the design was to add more warmth and increase the existing fine dining seating to an upscale pub for a larger and eccentric crowd.

Born out of our very own garden city, the entire entryway to the building was remodeled to create an outdoor vibe one cannot resist. The entrance is through a hardscaped pathway with canopies that are festooned with foliage. The highlight of the outdoor space is a tree of about 15’ height which creates a relaxing atmosphere while taking care of the harsh sun during the summers.

The entire outdoor area invokes a feeling of a garden filled with lush foliage. The ambiance is rustic mixed with a timeless colonial vibe, that is through the tall lamp posts and wicker chandeliers. Distinctive features of the space are the colors that are reflected through the statues and furniture in the entire restaurant. From a bright yellow to a more subtle tan, the warmth of the colors is reflected in the interiors too.

The Entire restaurant has some experimental seating arrangements to bring something new to the table, consisting of low booth seating to maximum high seating. The walls of the restaurant are used as a canvas to display art and pops of color. Suzy is definitely hidden in these walls! The latter Bay has a more formal booth seating with circular drop-down canopies with light and foliage creating a warm environment and a sense to scale with respect to the high ceiling.

The interiors of Suzy Q have two different characters, one which is set in Rome and the other is through the artworks that have been created on the interior walls. These characters, though are a complete contrast, make the space look classy and sassy at the same time creating an uptown vibe that would make you come back for more every time.

Project: Suzy Q

Location: Bangalore

Design House: Maze Concept

Lead Architects: Koushik Ramesh, Priyanka MC, Nikhil Shetty

Photography: Shamanth Patil


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