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Behold Design Studio Crafts a Modern and Luxurious Experience in the Midst of Chaos

Azadpur Mandi Office by Behold Design Studio

Azadpur Mandi, as the name suggests, is the central market for fruits and vegetable in Delhi’s Azadpur area. Swamped with small offices and chaotic lanes, RB Impex wanted to create a signature space in the market.

The brief was simple, to design a modern luxury space in the midst of chaos. A space that reflects the client’s personality yet depicts extravagance and elegance at the same time.

Picture Courtesy: Tarang Goyal

Design Intent: 'Empathy and Focus'

This project was truly based on client’s requirements and satisfaction. The whole outlook of bringing the space as one and not in different parts was the key focus of the client. Hence, the interiors, colour combination, material palette, design elements were in cordial with each other.

The focus was to complete the project in the given time frame by the client. Secondly, given the location of the site, the client wanted to bring out the best of the place and break the notion because people do judge the book by it’s cover. Hence, the idea was to bring out different focal points/details for each space yet keeping it aligned with one another. Thirdly, the designers focused on lighting - both natural and artificial; as it played a vital role in enhancing the interior of the space. It creates a welcoming impact, makes the space look bigger and open.

Picture Courtesy: Tarang Goyal

The Site:

The site was located on the 2nd Floor of the building with a small staircase going upstairs. The site before was cramped, dull with old- school interiors. No major structural changes were made as such for the space only the rooms segregation were made up of brick walls earlier which made the space look smaller and heavier. The walls were dismantled and instead MDF partitions were constructed. The flow of space earlier and now remains the space as per the client’s requirement.

Picture Courtesy: Tarang Goyal

The Spatial Configuration:

Starting from a long corridor as soon as you enter the office, on left and right lies two separate staff working areas. Behind that adjacent to each other lies MD Cabin 1 and 2. Walking through the end of the corridor lies the common washroom on the left, then the third staff working area and finally MD Cabin 3.

Picture Courtesy: Tarang Goyal

The major challenge was to deliver the site in one and a half month along with material mobilization due the the site location and cramped neighbourhood. However, the designers dealt with these issues swiftly with carefully thought and implemented strategies.

Project: Azadpur Mandi Office

Location: Azadpur, Delhi

Design House: Behold Design Studio

Principal Designers: Aakash Wadhwa and Livancy Makhijani

Design Team: Aakash Wadhwa, Livancy Makhijani and Lalit Rawat

Photography: Tarang Goyal


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