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Biophilic & Origami-Inspired Concepts Perfectly Blend to Give Sculptural Edge to this Office

Origami Office by Vrushaket Pawar + Architects (VPA)

This office in Aurangabad takes inspiration from Origami art and Biophilic concepts to give a sculptural edge to an otherwise boring, typical office space.

The challenge was the small floor space, a meager 70 square meters, with overwhelming expectations to cater to. As a result, the architect decided to keep less core circulation in order to achieve optimum space usage. In the process, created 2 cabins, 2 cubicles, a conference room for 8-10 people, a staff area, and an entrance lobby.

Boasting a ceiling that unfolds and moves like origami art, the reception area also serves as an informal yet aesthetically exciting space for employees to unwind in break time. This space can be utilized as a casual discussion space, especially to brainstorm over those weekends plans! The continuity of the reception table onto the walls and ceilings binds the whole space together while creating a perfect reason for passersby to peep into the office.

Adding a band of 8 mm thick glass between suspended lintel and false ceiling gives the office a spacious and expanding view. This design feature was also added for daylight penetration till the back of the office as its outer wall is facing North.

VPA chose finishing materials to be very humble from cement board to engineered wooden flooring. keeping the cost of the project in check but at the same time giving a tactile response. Architects believe one must also feel the materials and their authenticity.

The use of material and the wall color is very specific with the intent to create psychological responses by occupants. Shades of green and brown give a peaceful, harmonious feeling while white adds to spaciousness and creativity

Project: Origami Office

Location: Aurangabad

Design House: Vrushaket Pawar + Architects (VPA) Lead Architect: Ar. Vrushaket G. Pawar

Photography: PHX India


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