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Blend of Traditional and European Influences Reign Over the Design for this House in Hyderabad

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

House in Hyderabad by Prime City Spaces

This home inherits traditional furniture with subtle prints and bright colors that come alive the moment you set foot inside the house.

The house is filled with motifs, colors, textures and patterns in different scales, all influenced by India’s exquisite heritage of art and craftsmanship. Each room has its own bespoke details. There is freshness in the way the color palette is chosen resulting in an elegant and serene environment.

A playful contrast of colors and unique furniture design give the space a lavish, yet youthful vibe. Ranging from the rugs, cushions, artefacts, center table pieces and more, every single item has been carefully hand-picked by the designers.

Project: House in Hyderabad

Design House: Prime City Spaces

Design Team: Pratiksha Prashant and Abishek Raju

Photography: Ricken Desai





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