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Pantone Color of the Year 2020 Themed Cocktail Bar Opens its Doors in Delhi

Blue Baoli by Pantone Collective

Blue Baoli is an Indian cocktail bar with a fusion design language, located in Janpath, Connaught Place, the heart of the capital city of Delhi.

This 2000 square feet modern eatery is a design composition by New Delhi based Pantone Collective Design Studio lead by Tanya Chutani in collaboration with Upneet Kaur.

Picture Courtesy: Pantone Collective

The location being Janpath plays a major role in getting the attention of an

audience, as it is a shopper’s delight and a hub of attraction for both the tourists and the locals. “An empty room is a store waiting to happen, and the designer is its author.” The designer brings the story from Indian Architecture to this fusion bar, adding vernacular elements in a contemporary context.

The space is crafted with traditional elements like the series of steps- the Baoli wall, being the main focal point of the space and a modern take on the series of arches. The entire colour theme is tied up with the “Pantone colour of the year 2020” adding drama to the bar taking its audience to an experience to the blue city.

Picture Courtesy: Pantone Collective

Traditional Indian interiors are known for its royalty and who better than leopards can describe it. The leopard print pop-up wallpaper from Cole & Sons catches the attention of the viewer yet keeps royalty, class, and elegance intact. The tropical mural paintings incorporate the architectural elements of the place harmoniously into the picture bringing about the inside out concept of landscape.

Picture Courtesy: Pantone Collective

The tropical-inspired cushions & upholstery from Cotton & Satins adds character to the storyline. The space has been designed to achieve different light and shadow effect during different times of the day playing with the ambient lighting keeping the well-lit atrium alive.

Dramatic lighting is an important feature of the bar achieved by a customized modern take on classic pillar lanterns and glass globe sconces with antique brass details enhancing the aesthetic appeal, setting the right mood, and the ambiance. “Details are not just details, they make the design” A series of floor to ceiling arches layered in antique mirror makes the space look larger yet the rustic finish doesn’t let the look and feel of the old world charm get compromised.

Picture Courtesy: Pantone Collective

The rattan back armchairs and small indoor plants act as an important

yet muted design element complementing the design. The space resurrects the inner passion for art, tied up in blues as the main colour language with blush rose to be the accent tone. The overall concept and design process is a work of art, successfully bringing the uniqueness of strong forms, colours and patterns.

Project: Blue Baoli (BA.RUM.BAR)

Location: Janpath, New Delhi

Design House: Pantone Collective Design Studio

Principal Architect: Tanya Chutani

Photographer: Anirudh Datta

Design Team: Tanya Chutani, Upneet Kaur





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