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Bold Colors & Textures Infuse Spaces of this Home in Bandra with Energy, Freshness & Warmth

The Corner View Home by NACL

This lavish home located in Bandra, Mumbai has been designed for a couple and their teenage daughter who made a decision to live closer to the sea.

A quirky and elegant home, which is as warm as a hug! The clients wanted the house to reflect their spirit of hospitality, in an elegant and sophisticated manner by creating a home that is minimal in its aesthetic, and designed with clean lines that define the space, while also being warm and hospitable.

The design process was driven by the intent to create a space that is reflective of the client’s personality to craft a luxurious, minimal, yet cosy home. To reflect the warmth within the spaces, a sepia color tone has been maintained throughout the home, except for the daughter’s bedroom in bright white to break the monotony and add a sense of freshness into the space.

In order to bring in a sense of playfulness and variety, vibrant details such as bold coloured soft furnishings have been used to define spaces. With the inherited site structure posing as a challenge, and limited opportunities for spatial planning, the current layout has been optimised using a diverse range of loose furniture and textural details to define spaces.

A variety of colour and textural elements are used to define the two spaces such as the moss green and rust elements housed within a grey-beige shell have been used to define the spaces while adhering to the sepia colour scheme. The walls are designed to add textural variety through simplistic interventions. The passage connects the living area to the kitchen and the more private areas of the three bedrooms.

The house is a mix of surprising little details like the wooden ceiling in the daughter’s room or the blue curtains in the master bedroom that all come together to create a quaint and welcoming home. It is a mix of unique elements that come together to create a reflection of the clients quirky, yet elegant personality.

Project: The Corner View Home

Location: Mumbai

Design House: NACL (Natasha Aggarwal Creative Living)

Photography: Pulkit Sehgal





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