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Breaking Stereotypes

Studio Nishita Kamdar is a multidisciplinary and award winning design practice based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra that believes in the simplicity of design to create beautifully complex spaces which appeal to their social and physical context. A firm that is breaking stereotypes with their projects. Its lead, Nishita Kamdar, gives us a better insight into her practice and some valuable advice to those in academic pursuit in a exclusive interview.

Picture courtesy: Nishita Kamdar

What was your approach towards the project Under The Mango Tree?

Under The Mango Tree was a space for the owner outside the city which was a pause from his busy life in the city. his priority was to get a space where he can enjoy nature , farming and the surroundings in its untouched manner. The design approach for us was to only create a Shell layer of the house i.e. A beautiful Roof, Inconspicuous walls, and a large floor plate tying the whole house - the 3 essentials required to make a structure. The Shell layers itself form the design language within the space, We didn't need to do anything more than that!

Any recent projects that have really inspired you?

Inspiration is there everywhere! need not be just architectural projects but even daily design objects, art , advertisement- everything!

Your dissertation "The Eyes of The Skin." Won the prestigious Charles Correa Gold Medal. What would be your advice to young architects and designers in academic pursuit?

Never Give up . Persistence is Key. If someone tells you you're design is bad doesn't mean your idea is bad , so keep improving on the same idea again and again till you reach a design that makes you happy. When you apply for your first job after graduation , chose an office whose work ,ideologies , principals you enjoy. Make a good portfolio that best represents your ability.

What do you think the future holds for modern day interior design and architecture?

Interior Design and Architecture is diversifying into various fields now, that has opened avenues for a lot of people . There is something for everyone! Cross Collaborations is the key word for the future!

Your projects concentrate on being functional first. Requirements of the user are a top priority. Why are these highlighting features in your projects?

Quite honestly , we as architects and designers are appointed to turn a house in a home . It is our utmost priority to make sure design doesn't take over utility . FUNCTION is ALWAYS first

What was the reason behind choosing the material pallet for the project?

We at the studio believe in Undoing more than doing. I personally do not enjoy over accessorizing and over designing a space . Hence the materials , forms we choose are site specific and left in their natural form to evoke a more emotional sensorial experience in the space.

Your project Open House has broken stereotypes for a modern day house. Was there a particular approach that you followed for this project?

The project more importantly changed the social behavior for the occupants of the house. The woman of the house was no longer confined to the kitchen all day isolated from the rest of the family. By given an open kitchen she was now connected to the rest of the family ! minimal use of materials in its natural form also makes the home versatile

What are the challenges and goals for your practice in the near future?

We want to concentrate on doing niche good quality projects . Showing restraint in design is a virtue which we are trying to improvise on with every new project

What are the current projects that you are working on?

We are working on some exciting architectural projects as well as concentrating on making some beautiful homes all around India.


A: Nishita Kamdar

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