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Modern European Decor & Mediterranean Essence Combine within this Cafe in Delhi

Cafe Tesu by Design Ethics

The team at Design Ethics were given an assignment to convert an aged bakery into an all-day breakfast cafe which would resonate well with all age groups.

Located in the heart of Delhi, the brief for the project was to create an airy and daylight-filled café with a mix of modern European and breezy Mediterranean essence. The studio worked extensively at developing a space which would be a visual break-through from its surrounding.

Picture courtesy: Design Ethics

The exterior, which is color blocked in a pastel teal blue, is punctured by introducing humongous arched windows, and further detailed with neoclassical cast iron elements finished in an oxidized black color, giving a peek into an elegant and enchanted space inside.

While the exterior itself is inviting enough because of the imposing color that it has, one is still pleasantly thrilled to experience the serene earthy tones of the interiors, primarily populated by bare white and beige walls with a wisp of greenery. The attention to detail is well reflected in the handcrafted material palette curated by the designers Poulomi and Jatin, which helps to create an indulging atmosphere filled with soothing colors, art and novelties.

Picture courtesy: Design Ethics

Further talking about the planning, the space is segregated in two sections with the help of a punctured wall having a glamorous twist in its application of material. One of which is a fairly larger dining area which generates its energy from the ultra-modern bar/deli station and central wine-rack installation. The other area overlooks the main road and is uniquely treated as a mythical forest with innovative planter lights and contemporary low-poly wall murals in pastel tones, which also doubles up as a warm private area for art events and book reading/signing sessions.

Picture courtesy: Design Ethics

The neatly curated design details and subdued environment draped in natural sunlight, completes the holistic approach taken for this particular project. All in all, Café Tesu has been designed for the patrons to reverberate on the easy and artistically inclined environment with an overall sense of visual cohesion.

Project: Café Tesu

Location: New Delhi

Design House & Photography: Design Ethics Architecture Studio  

Principal Architects: Poulomi Dhar, Jatin

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