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Dheer Kaku's Latest Series is Inspired by the Constant Flux of Everyday Life

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Casual Thoughts of Doom by Dheer Kaku

Casual Thoughts of Doom is a series of drawings, videos, and installations depicting imagined artifacts of our civilization, unearthed in the future, perhaps as clues to our descent.

These 'artifacts' juxtapose and distort contrasting motifs of time, space, and human presence/absence – Symbolisms in a constant flux of senses and states we experience in everyday life. This work draws equally from archaeological studies of ancient civilizations as from the gentrification of Indian cities and narrow lanes of Mumbai. Sensationalist media, modern eugenics, Neofascist movements, and recurring environmental disasters shape these retroactive excavations of human and human-made abstractions.

Below are few artworks from the series:

Title: Apophenia (2020)

Meduim: Ink and graphite on Archival paper

Size : 22”x30”

Title: Self-Portrait (2020)

Meduim: Ink and graphite on paper

Size : 22”x29”

"I sit in the lush green landscape of Goa drawing pictures of doom. I wonder if i will be drawing images of Goa soon."

Title: Half-measures (2019)

Medium: Ink and graphite on archival paper

Size: 22”x30”

Title: Edifice complex (2019)

Medium: Ink and graphite on archival paper

Size: 22”x30”

Title: Time walk (2020)

Medium: Ink on paper

Size: 11”x17”

Back to square (2019)

Digital video collage, 2D animation.

2 minutes

Follow Dheer on Instagram: @kheerdaku

See more of his work here.

All artworks are copyright of artist Dheer Kaku.

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