Cavelight Studio Uses the Handmade Technique of Screen Printing to Create Distinct Artworks

Cavelight Studio's Screen Printing Series

Screen printing involves pushing ink through a fabric stencil onto a substrate (paper, fabric or any smooth surface) to create layers of colours that combine to form an image. This handmade process of image-making requires skill, precision and techniques which result in heavily pigmented prints that are bold, bright and textured.

“The artists’ interest in Screen Printing was piqued due to its intensely physical nature, the unique methods involved that require the breaking down of the graphic image, as well as the history of the medium. The innate restrictions of the medium provide for some very interesting constraints and challenges around constructing an image which helps create unexpected and original results.” - Cavelight Studio

This first set of 6 prints are original pieces by the artists that reflect how they contemplate their everyday lives, existential questions, and visions for the future.

Picture courtesy: Cavelight Studio

1) Keep Swimming

A bird’s eye view of the pool of life. Inspired by the cyclical nature of existential pondering, and how we see ourselves isolated yet contained in a vast and endless universe, making meaning within our self-made comic book frames.

Size: A2

1 colour hand-pulled screen-print on Art Paper

Black Ink on White paper

Picture courtesy: Cavelight Studio

2) Immovable

An ode to the fundamental human condition. Of great longing and insurmountable chasms, and the beautiful light that this eternal reaching, seeking, shines upon our mundane and persistent efforts at navigating life.

Size: A2

2 colour hand-pulled screen-print on Art Paper

Dark Blue, Bright peach on Eggshell blue paper

Picture courtesy: Cavelight Studio

3) SpaceSlip

A snapshot of the deep music of life, the underlying rhythm that consumes and drives us, flowing through everything. A small peek at the invisible workings of the universe, momentarily sliced open.

Size: A2

1 colour (Metallic Gold) hand-pulled screen-print on Art Paper

Gold Ink on Black paper

Picture courtesy: Cavelight Studio

4) Book Your Space

An oasis of dreams and stories built of pages and spines. A sweet escape in the midst of the chaos of everyday life.

Size: A3

2 colour hand-pulled screen-print on Art Paper

Prussian Blue and Grass Green on Bright Grey paper

Picture courtesy: Cavelight Studio

5) Eclipse

Paused in suspended reality, while the Sun looks away and lets the earth gaze upon it for a change.

A brooding earth, gazing into the future, both melancholic and hopeful.

Size: A2

3 colour hand-pulled screen-print on Art Paper

Off-white, Jungle Brown and Deep Green on Brick Orange paper

Picture courtesy: Cavelight Studio

6) Oasis

The introspective mind, reaching for the gifts of life, fertile and burgeoning in the midst of a parched and silent desert.

Size: A3

2 colour hand-pulled screen-print on Art Paper

Deep Red and Jungle Green on Warm Cream paper



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