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Ceremonial Ramp Deepens the Transition Between a Spiritual Park & Sunken Crematorium

Udan Crematorium by d6thD Design Studio

To change the underperforming Hindu crematorium into a vital place at Amalsad town in India, the6thd design studio was commissioned by a private trust to reinvigorate the typology.

Our fear and discomfort with death have left crematoriums with segregated, cold, and depressing spaces in urban context so far. Lead architect Himanshu Patel came up with the idea to create a place not limited to fulfilling the cremation rituals but to make a much-needed valuable public space for daily use in the urban setting.

The upper level is fully landscaped with various spiritual gardens in acknowledging the fact that in the Indian context, society revolves around religion and such spaces often become more than just a place of devotion. Less conventionally, these spaces cater to all ages and genders regardless of the part of the crematorium complex; the upper level becomes a significant public space for socio-cultural engagement

Sunken courts at lower levels allow the controlled relationships with the exterior and thus provide environments for reflection and remembrance. Hexagonal-shaped two cremation pyre are arranged in a symmetrical pattern separated by a ramp gives the possibility of two funerals at the same time with the sense of privacy.

The project encourages visitors to explore the different spaces and interpret their purpose through their own experiences and needs. By realizing death as a motivating element to focus the meaning of life on both a personal and social level, this unique crematorium ‘Udan’ becomes an important public space for the town as well as the surrounding villages.

Project: Udan Crematorium

Location: Amalsad, Gujarat

Design House: d6thD Design Studio

Principal Architect: Himanshu Patel

Design Team: Nitin, Viraj, Amruta, Setu, Sriram, Athulya

Photography: Inclined Studio


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