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Charged Voids Constructs a Compact Granite Office Space that Opens Skywards

Office 543 was designed by Charged Voids on a tight, 140-sqm plot in a busy commercial district in Mohali, Punjab. The narrow building, closed from two sides, has openings through two courtyards and multiple skylights, thereby maintaining optimum daylight and ventilation.

An oval-shaped private meeting area emerges from the intersecting geometry of straight lines and an ellipse, resolving a complex design brief on the small footprint and creating a free-flowing spatial sequence. The material palette for the entire project is limited to white marble and Sivakasi gold granite, with the interior walls painted mostly white—contributing to a sense of seamlessness between the exterior and interior.

Project: Office 543

Location: Mohali, Punjab

Design House: Charged Voids

Principal Architect: Aman Aggarwal

Photography: JAVIER CALLEJAS, Nivedita Gupta, Purnesh dev nikhanj





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