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Compartment S4 Designs Exemplary Bamboo Structures in the Valsad Region of Gujarat

'Nadi Ke Parvat' by Compartment S4

A pavilion and tunnel is designed and executed for the Sarvoday Parivar trust’s school in Khadki village, near Valsad.

An extremely shaded piece of land facing the river, was envisioned to become a play area and pavilion for children staying in the school.

Picture Courtesy: Compartment S4

The pavilion is created to display village handicrafts like traditional 'Warli' art and bamboo crafts, as well as crafts made by the school children. Since the place received a large number of visitors, the pavilion is meant to promote village handicrafts; while functioning as a sitting space facing the river on a day to day basis.

Picture Courtesy: Compartment S4

The pavilion is designed as a semi-open shed for children to play and teachers to conduct classes in the open. It is split into two levels responding the site, the upper level is designed with bamboo benches for visitors to sit and enjoy the view to the river. The plinth of the pavilion circles around existing trees, to keep the area shaded under the existing tress, modulations and steps add to the mode of play with many levels for children to access.

Picture Courtesy: Compartment S4

The tunnel on the other hand is made as a split bamboo arched structure, covered with mud and then ferrocement. It offers a landscape for children to play inside as well as over the structure. All bamboo details and joints are kept extremely simple and indigenous, allowing locals to easily replicate.

Picture Courtesy: Compartment S4

Various plastering samples were also experimented over the course of the construction to find the most long-lasting plaster on bamboo. Surrounding areas of the garden are designed with waste, tyre-based, play equipment's.

Project: 'Nadi Ke Parvat'

Location: Khadki, Valsad, Gujarat

Design House, Photography and Content: Compartment S4


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