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Dance of images

ChitraKoothu is a collective of artists, writers and directors registered as an independent company.

Its office set in Chennai, the studio at present produces animation films for advertising, online promotions that includes writing, designing and directing films in-house. The studio is also home to independent film and projects.

ChitraKoothu - சித்திர கூத்து The word 'ChitraKoothu' is an amalgamation of two Tamil words ‘Chithiram’ +‘Koothu’. ‘Chithiram’ means imagery. 'Koothu' is an informal dance structure for storytelling. The word roughly translates to ‘Dance of Images’.

Beleaf (2018)

Dir : Jagannath Radhakrishnan

Client : ANDcreative

The film’s scope is commercial yet a documentation of the simple process involved in the making of arecanut leaf plates. The design of the film too is kept very organic and simple to mirror the humble environment. The narrative flows seamlessly highlighting the steps in the manufacturing unit. The film is backed with a sound design that creates the mood for the visual narration instead of using a voice over.

Mulla - Mottu – Maala (2019)

Dir : Aithihya Ashok Kumar

Client : Independent

The title is identified as a very popular design for jewellery, usually rendered in Gold and a coveted piece of jewellery. The title roughly translates to, a necklace of buds of jasmine. The film in its small duration explores an alternate concept of a mulla-mottu-maala. A woman and her radio being the two characters in the narrative.

Perpetual Cycle of Expectations and Reality

Dir : Jagannath Radhakrishnan

Client: Independent

An independent live action short film that traces series of events that happens on a hot afternoon in the life of Vikram. The film has its troughs and crests in a cyclical narrative style. PCED is currently in its post-production stage.

Laila and Jamal

Dir : Jagannath Radhakrishnan

Client : Nikhila Kesavan, Madras Players

The promotional content is developed for Nikhila Kesavan’s next theatre adaptation based on author Manu Joseph’s novel ‘Miss Laila, Armed and Dangerous’. Working very closely with the director of the play, we started the project by creating the promotional poster design and following it up with an animated teaser. The director of the play envisioned an animated teaser, as a unique opportunity to blend two different forms; one animation and the other theatre. The play is produced by Madras Players.

Firm: Studio Chitrakoothu

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Animator & Art Director: Aithihya Ashok Kumar

Screenwriter & Creative Director: Jagannath Radhakrishnan

Writer & Director: Vivette Helen Kaja




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