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Designed by IMK Architects, Auric Hall Becomes the Face of Aurangabad Industrial City (AURIC)

Auric Hall by IMK Architects

Auric Hall stands as a landmark for Aurangabad Industrial City (AURIC), India's first greenfield, smart industrial city, developed as part of the Indian government's strategic Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC).

The 16,660-square-metre building, planned as the face of the upcoming development, houses administration and commercial functions, offering incubation spaces to industrial houses moving into the township.

Picture Courtesy: IMK Architects

The building is designed to respond to Aurangabad's climate, context, and rich history. The design pays homage to Mughal architecture and stands as an exemplar of beauty and sustainability. Elements such as ceremonial gateways, arches, and distinctive jaali screens draw inspiration from the tomb complexes of the old city of Aurangabad. A large atrium is designed as a modern interpretation of the garden; enclosed by offices and indoor terraces on three sides, it serves as a social hub for employees. Featuring a play of varying heights and volumes, the building seeks to promote cross-engagement and collaboration.

Picture Courtesy: IMK Architects

To suit Aurangabad's semi-arid climate, Auric Hall is designed incorporating passive cooling and high-performance materials to achieve the IGBC Gold rating. A laser-cut, aluminium jaali on the facade not only creates a dynamic interplay of light and shadow but also minimizes solar heat gain and controls airflow through the building, regulating internal temperatures. The use of solar panels and energy metering further contributes to energy efficiency, while CO2 monitoring enables indoor environmental quality control.

Picture Courtesy: IMK Architects

By reinterpreting traditional architectural elements associated with the region’s medieval-era monuments for a contemporary administrative facility, and by opening up the volume to promote community engagement and exchange of ideas, Auric Hall seeks to become an exemplar of democratic architecture.

Project: Auric Hall

Location: MIDC, Auric City, Shendra, Aurangabad

Design House: IMK Architects

Principal Architect: Mr. Rahul .I. Kadri

Design Team: Anuprita Dixit, Bhumika Ganjawala, Heena Shaikh, Suvidha Mhatre, Tejashree Rajeshirke

Photography: Mr. Rajesh Vora





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