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Direct by ShopKirana's New Office Fuses Industrial Style Interiors with Hues of Pop Culture

The new headquarters of Direct by ShopKirana was intended to span out in 14500 sq.ft area on the fifteenth floor of Skye Earth Corporate Park. It was a big leap from client's previous office and they wished for an uplifting workspace with utmost transparency between individuals to break the monotonous corporate office norms.

Designers were expected to deliver a functional working space with its each corner exclaiming startup! They blended industrial style with hues of pop culture to give this office space new dimensions.

The meeting rooms serve as a bridge between two important areas of the office: the formal workspace and the informal recreational space. Each of these rooms is distinct, with different tones assigned to the firm's brands. Transitioning through the colour splashes with equally extravagant lighting concluding the space is a visual treat.

Being on the top floor of this high-rise, the inclusion of green plants in the interiors establishes a connection to its exteriors. The captivating city view is designed to be enjoyed by all through careful planning and execution. The real challenge in designing this massive office was to connect all of the spaces so that they appeared as one and made the walkthrough worthwhile.

Project: Direct by ShopKirana

Location: Indore, India Design

House: Atelier Earth

Principal Architects: Gourish Jaiswal & Shubha Suryavanshi

Photography: Prachi Khasgiwala

Styling: Uplifting Depictions


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