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Functional, Productive Mid-Century Modern Office Design

Mid-Century Modern Office by Komal Lunia Design Studio

This office space was conceptualized with a restrained material palette of warm walnut tones, cemented finish, black-metal punches interspersed with greenery.

This was selected with the aim to keep the design aesthetic clean and fresh while exuding warmth at the same time. The design language of this office takes cues from mid-century modern architecture, plays with bold shapes and forms while maintaining clean straight lines.

The indoor plants not only add color to an otherwise neutral palette but also help reflect positivity and freshness around the space. The reinforcement of the contemporary cane element ties up the whole space together. The traditional cane weaving technique has been used in a modern fashion in the custom-made door handles, the bookshelves in the CEO cabins, and in the conference room lampshades.

Housing a marketing agency and interior design studio for Komal Lunia Design Studio under one roof, the office consists of an open layout with several formal and informal spaces such as a brainstorming area, lunch zone that doubles up as an interaction space, conference room, kids room, and staff and CEO cabins. The co-existence of the two was achieved by demarcating the floor plan of 2500 sq. ft. into 2 halves and connecting it through a common passage.

One of the primary chambers opens up to a lounge and a private garden to carry out their informal meetings as well as enjoy their evenings. Additionally, pops of color have been added to the space with abstract & relatable artworks on the walls.

Project: Mid-Century Modern Office

Location: Kolkata

Design House: Komal Lunia Design Studio





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