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Green Accentuates a Calming Effect for the Workspace of this Design House in Ahmedabad

Minted Monochrome by Scribble Studio

Housing 2 different kinds of design firms, Interior & Graphic Design, the space had to be not at all like a normal office.

The studio requirements were very clear. The clients wanted something which is inviting, open and cosy to allow them to use it as their workplace.

An Open office concept which makes the whole space very contemporary, connected and communicative.

Designers at tried to use some different textures to highlight the bare walls. Space being very small, the challenge was to make it look bigger with of course adding necessary functions. The overall space is a subtle combination of raw and polished.

1) What was the design brief and how did you set out to achieve it in a short span of 5 days?- We would lie if we said that our initial plan was to design this space by the Open office concept. It took lots of modifications to simplify the layout every time along with the thought to not compromise on the design part. Once conceptuals were ready, we just had to give out the green signal to all the relevant agencies. The clients had fixed up the opening date and we took this as an opportunity to give our best and execute it within 5 days without a doubt. 2) What design features were incorporated to allow flexibility in working for multiple disciplines?- Basic idea was to plan out the workspace as it was the main and maximum utilised area. Along with that we also had to make the space look bigger so instead of adding partitions to enclose the meeting area, we chose to differentiate it within the space. There's also a waiting area which is defined only by a well-placed sofa along with a couple of centre pieces which also makes you feel a bit cosy and homely. 3) Comment on the space planning techniques used to cater to a small area of 350 sqft.- Planning was utmost challenging, as we had to incorporate all the functions and our clients did not want to let go of the work view. All the revisions made us move closer to our "Open Office Concept''. There was a drastic change in the final outlook since the original brief that our clients gave us was of a typical office. Since the whole idea was new to them, they made a good amount of effort to let it sink. 4) The office boasts minimalist décor with the use of clean lines, combination of finished and unfinished materials and vibrant accent hues. What was the inspiration behind this?

- Major inspiration for the look and colour scheme were the branding of both the firms and which was supposed to be reflected in their space. Along with these colours, making it cost effective was something that made us design it this way and it worked out for the best. We also had to plan and execute it in a make-shift manner which allows our clients to move the things parallely and use them in as many different ways as they can to make each space look different from the other and we fell for the concept in the very first go!

Project: Minted Monochrome

Location: Ahmedabad

Design House: Scribble Studio

Principal Designer: Dhaara Vora

Photography: Inclined Studio





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