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Green Hues Accentuate this Contemporary Workplace for a Bridal Wear Store in Bangalore

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Confluence of Green and Grey by Stance Spaces

Cool, neutral grey seamlessly compliments accent green within this meagre five hundred square feet of office space in Bangalore.

This project was for a client that owns a bridal wear store and wanted a workplace that resonates along similar lines. This required creating functional yet bespoke solutions that would eventually adorn the office space.

Right from the entry, the space catches your eye with a dynamic display area, where designers experiment with fabric and materials, a cosy lounge with a shared pantry and conference table for related discussions.

"The area to be designed was located on the upper floor of an existing bridal store. Being part of a dense urban fabric, the constraint of space and natural light was one of the main challenges to be addressed. Apart from this, the space provided was only 400sq.ft, yet the client had multiple requirements to be fulfilled from the brief, which we took up as an exciting challenge." - Stance Spaces

One of the primary requirements of the client was to incorporate a similar theme from the existing store into this space. While the overall monochromatic scheme of colours was maintained, careful addition to the material palette was introduced which became the highlight of the space – from emerald green backdrop walls and fabric selections – to dark oak, wooden elements were brought in to harmoniously blend with the grey background elements.

Even though the space to design with was limited – Careful consideration was given to basic design principles being followed while designing. This included working with setting up focal points to highlight important elements such as the fabric experimentation area and likewise creating an axis to connect the main seating area along the conference meeting space.

While the fabric experimentation area added dynamism to the space with new fabrics and materials being used periodically – the lounge area was created with a neat emerald green sofa with a matching green backdrop paint.

The overall space utility was planned with functional efficiency making this small space impactful.

"The client being from the fashion design background was able to connect with our vision for the project right from the inception. The collaborative experience brought out the a very balanced mix of aesthetics and functionality to this limited space. The use of VR system to allow the client to experiencing the space real time further allowed quicker and more thoughtful decision making." explained the team at Stance Spaces.

Project: Confluence of Green and Grey

Location: Bangalore

Design House: Stance Spaces

Photography: Shine Parsana


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