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Gulshan Dynasty's Experience Centre in Noida, A Glimpse of Grandeur and Luxury

Gulshan Dynasty Experience Centre by Confluence

This experience centre exhibits a glimpse of the grandeur and luxury of what the Gulshan Dynasty project would bring, incorporating some of the note-worthy features of the housing project into a beautifully designed and immersive space.

It consists of spaces such as a triple height lobby, conference room, lounge, architectural model room, AV room, discussion room, design centre and a sample apartment to name a few. The experience centre also boasts of a café, which

follows a farm to table concept, serving delicious food to the visitors which has been produced through indoor hydroponic farming at the site itself.

The entrance of this experience centre is through a spacious triple height lobby which further splits into corridors which then lead to different spaces. This type of planning allows for the spaces to be transitional and flexible in nature and hence can be segregated, promoting social distancing.

From the facility management point of view, fumigation and regular sanitization protocols are carried out regularly. The space has been designed ensuring a close relationship with nature and a connection between the inside and the outside through the waterbodies which flow into each space. The innovative design, which allows for abundant natural light through the ceiling high glass panels, features passive cooling techniques such as evaporative cooling and uses Jaali as a second skin for the façade, is equal parts sustainable and creative in its design language.

This allows the space to go beyond functional expression and allows the users to enjoy the experience and quality of the environment created.

Project: Gulshan Dynasty Experience Centre

Location: Noida

Design Firm: Confluence


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