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Indian Charm and Contemporary Design Blends Perfectly within this House in Hyderabad

House in Hyderabad by Dev & Kaushik Architects

A passionately crafted abode for a well known industrialist in Hyderabad.

This home brings together an amalgamation of two apartment dwellings, elegantly integrating them into spatially, functionally and aesthetically sound spaces.

Picture Courtesy: Dev & Kaushik Architects

Design called in for a lot for changes that ended in achieving a wonderfully functional space. The material palette used across has an Indian charm, rightly concocted with a contemporary design language.

"The challenge was more like, to join back two separated twins back into one. Each flat had its own, public and private spaces. Re-imagining all these spaces to be tied-up into one with a string that elegantly blended into each other functionally and aesthetically was very exciting.

We realized this was beyond just an interior design. This had to do with major Architectural changes and improvements." - Dev & Kaushik Architects

Picture Courtesy: Dev & Kaushik Architects

An effort has been made to involve skillful carpenters to craft some fine wood work. Colours have been kept toned down and subtle to keep the mood warm. Furniture picked has a variety in terms of design and style. The home also uses a variety of fabrics like Ikat and Raw silks, sourced from local and award winning weavers.

Picture Courtesy: Dev & Kaushik Architects

Walls adorned with exquisite painting by various artists make it a home that’s unique and speaks volumes about the personality of the homemaker.

Picture Courtesy: Dev & Kaushik Architects

"Having re-worked on the civil structure, finally we achieved a shell that suited the functionality of the clients and gave us clear and neat spaces with aesthetic opportunities. Thus, two homes were amalgamated into one with, two drawing areas, a family living area, an everyday family dining and a formal dining accommodating larger crowd, an everyday kitchen and a party/open kitchen with utility, store room and a room for the house help, The home has 6 bedrooms with attached closets, toilets, private balconies. An extra bedroom was converted into a media room with a small bar provision adjacent. Another bedroom was converted into an exclusive master closet for him and her." - Dev & Kaushik Architects

Project: House in Hyderabad

Design House: Dev & Kaushik Architects

Design Team: Nikhil Dev, Kaushik Abinav, Monica Darbar, Abhishek

Photography: Ricken Desai




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