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Illustrations by Sherin Kadeeja

Sherin Kadeeja is an architect by profession, and currently works as the curator of a happening community space called 'Design Ashram' in Calicut.

With an affinity for art that overflows into her personality, Sherin experiments with multiple media, from simple ink sketches to hyper-realistic digital art. Having painted the town red with her residential and commercial wall-art, and transforming the vibe of spaces Sherin brought together her love for art, architecture and community by founding 'TheCalicutFleaMarket' - a platform for entrepreneurs and a gathering space for the likeminded with art, music and laughter.

Even with so many cards up her sleeve, Sherin's art is what drives her. It has an emphasis on perfection in terms of lighting and color. She focuses of doing studies to achieve different effects with her art.

The Camper Series

A set of three digital art paintings that visualizes a few stolen moments from a trip, with views to 3 enchanting vistas. Sherin's travel bug has taken her to places far and wide, and the inspiration for this series was from one of her own trips. TheCamperSeries, like most of Sherin's art, is very direct and straightforward. Her art is done with the agenda to connect with and relate to people.

The Balcony Stories

A set of 3 digital art paintings that are studies of a few moments inside a home with a balcony which is considered as a safe-place, a space to relax, even a favourite spot. Inspired from watching how balcony spaces are used by different people, and the love people have towards their own balconies, this series is also an attempt to connect with people who have the same affinity towards these spaces.

Artist: Sherin Kadeeja

Location: Calicut, Kerala




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