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Indian Temple Inspired Flooring Features for this Residence in Pune

Shiloh by SVAC

Suchi Vora Architecture Collaborative designs a carefully curated apartment in Pune that embraces the minimalistic lifestyle through a clever blend of contemporary and traditional elements.

Shiloh is a 3300 square feet apartment situated in a plush neighbourhood of Pune and is occupied by a multi-generational family. Designers at SVAC were tasked with creating minimal urban spaces that also give a touch of the traditional roots that define this family at its core.

Picture Courtesy: SVAC

This initiated the journey for the design of this apartment with concrete flooring inspired by the polished flooring of Indian temples developed the a canvas for the elements of the entire apartment. This also led to the development of the concept for arches, an element that is prosaic in the traditional Indian architecture, deconstructed into different sections of an arch that could be implemented in various ways.

Picture Courtesy: SVAC

The apartment opens up into living spaces that flow seamlessly into one another which can be visually divided to allow privacy and opened up to make room for a large gathering. It's a very modern, urban layout with an open kitchen and unorthodox chandelier that accentuates the dining space with a cozy movie room that also doubles as a guest bedroom. The house also showcases a family room that spills into the kids area for the grandparents to oversee the kids routine and finally a chic granite bar overlooking the city lights on the terrace.

Picture Courtesy: SVAC

Even then, one of the most unique characteristics in the planning of his house is the way the master bedroom was designed for the mother to first pass through her kids room while tucking them in before retiring for the day. This amalgamation of a ritual into the design of the space is probably one of the more special planning solutions for the mother. The little kids also get a sleeping pod that opens up to become their play area.

Picture Courtesy: SVAC

The material palette is also minimal and fuss free. Oak veneer with open veins micro concrete , brass, brass inlays and pastel furnishings. Every room has its own character but bound by the uninterrupted style through in-between spaces that bring out a harmonious flow of spaces from the floor right up to the ceiling. This is a home where there are Indian statement pieces from renowned firms such as Rooshad Shroff, Klove Studio and Koy to name a few that stand out amongst the very minimal non-fussy Nordic pieces of furniture from Europe and inbuilt local craftsmanship that brings out a distinct style that this urban family stands for.

Picture Courtesy: SVAC

In its entirety, this home forms intimate pauses of solitude to the feeling of being in your comfort space and shutting yourself out from the chaos of a hectic day.

Project: Shiloh

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Design House: SVAC

Photography: Chinmay


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