An Ongoing Photo-Series Under Lockdown in Mumbai

Being in isolation under lockdown has taught us some very simple things about us as humans. We can have the entire world within us if we look closely.

We have all the questions and we have all the answers. The task is to listen to our thoughts closely and quietly. What we seek in the outside world, is already deep within ourselves.

Some wounds unearthed, some healed, some tackled and some forgotten. This time in 'Self-Isolation' has taught us to be patient, with people around us and ourselves, mentally and physically. There is only some things you can do or not do in times like these. The point is to stop, take a deep breath, heal and love yourself.

We are all going to come out from this stronger and better human beings. Better to ourselves and to others.

Concept and Photography: Kirti Virmani



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