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Inspired by Tetris, White Sculptural Blocks Get Stacked on Each Other for this House in Kannur

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

House of Ayoob by 3dor Concepts

The concept behind the residence was to design a unique living space that was aesthetically appealing, comfortable to live in, open to outside and at the same time maintain a sense of safety and privacy in that residential neighbourhood.

The architect designed a white canvas like structure with rounded edges that resembles stadium blocks stacked one above the other in a tetris game.

The house radiates calmness with a white smooth interior finish,furnitures following the same design language as the form of the house.the curved sculpture like staircase design form a focal point along with other art pieces inside the house.

Project: House of Ayoob

Location: Kannur Design House: 3dor Concepts

Design House: 3dor Concepts

Prinicipal Architects: Ahmad Thaneem, Muhammed Jiyad, Muhammed Naseem Photography: Prasath Mohan


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