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Is Passion Overrated?

If the world was to be divided on the basis of people and their passion, there would largely be two categories – the PASSIONATE who are fortunate to possess a clear, settled or rather a focused mind with a specific aim, and the THEREABOUTS who are still in process of determining their dreams and goals in life.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Both these groups possess the energy, skill and determination to accomplish everything they want to. For the passionate, it comes across as a little easier – they know what they have to do to get where they want. They have decoded the life map – arrived at a clear sense of direction early on in their lives.  The next group (with whom I closely relate to) has it slightly more tangled. They have this inexhaustible energy, interests scattered across numerous fields and yet they always seem to run around in circles in the quest of achieving what they really want. But, even though they have multiple interests and the zeal to pursue any of them when faced with the question of ‘what do you want to do for the rest of your life?’ the answer (or even a teeny hint in that direction) always seems to elude them. This article is especially for you, the thereabouts, to channelize your thoughts to perhaps get to the answer (or help in uncovering a hint) to that million dollar question! The entire society talks about following your passion. We hear young kids talk about their big dreams for when they grow up. What if you never really had one of those ‘mega’ giving-life-a-purpose dreams? What if you never really had a ‘passion’ that society expects you to have? What if you have so many interests that you can’t really choose between them to make it your choice for life? For once, do yourself a favour and FORGET about yourself. Not for long, just for one tiny second. Think about the world, the ever demanding society. It lacks many things; a number of vital virtues, different qualities, maybe even particular fields that they should be interested or concerned with (or sometimes, a particular group just lacks the support they should ideally get). What does the world need more of? What does it lack?   Now come back to YOU, yourself and your skills – the many interests that you have. How can you help fill the gaps for this poor society, which lacks in this field? How can you, with all/some/one of your interest(s) help build a better world? Where can you contribute? Once you have identified what the world needs more of, how you can help make the society a little calmer, a little more settled (and less judgmental for a young kid like yourself growing up), there my friend, is your AIM. That’s what you were looking for! Now, focus and get yourself equipped enough to efficiently and qualitatively fill this gap – your gap.  A part of you must be thinking “What the hell, I don’t care about the world, where will that get me? I want to focus on me.” Well then, focus on you – what exactly are your skills? The world tells us to do what you love. As simple as that (as complex as that actually, but they don’t tell us that). But, here is another way to look at that – love what you do. Make your skill your passion. Invest in your skill – make sure you get better than the previous you at it. More important, invest in yourself! Make time for yourself to get better at what you enjoy doing, what you are already, at least a little, good at. This should give you the motivation to strive to be the best at what you do; at what you thoroughly enjoy doing. Isn’t that the aim of answering that million dollar question? This is the end. You are not wasting time. Every little thing you do has a consequence, a purpose. After all, time wasted is not really time wasted, if you enjoy wasting time! Life has become an over glorified pursuit to uncover our reason to exist. Because at the end of the day, you will look back at your life and wonder, have I really done everything I was supposed to do, everything that I could do? But that’s okay because you really don’t get the opportunity to do EVERYTHING that you could do; you can just try your very best at every circumstance, given the tools offered at that moment to crack the ‘code’. Because in hindsight, it will always look like you could have done more - made a better choice, a better lifestyle, a better everything. You don’t need a so-called passion to give meaning to life. Think about it. 

Is passion overrated?

Written by - Naomi Mathew

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