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This Luxury Tableware Brand is Carved from History & Drenched in Heritage

Updated: May 16, 2020

Kaunteya Tableware by Sonal Jetha

A luxury tableware brand inspired from Indian Art, Architecture & Culture that will give you major table decor goals!

Ever wondered how a beautiful dome of Mysore Palace will look on your dinner platter or how a barat procession designed in Phad art will look on serving bowls? You can ditch the wondering part and visit Kaunteya – the luxury tableware brand that’s creating waves with their designer ware based on Indian art, architecture and culture.

Picture courtesy: Kaunteya

Carved from history and drenched in heritage. The collections of Kaunteya is the reflection of the vivid hues of India. Every single piece from Kaunteya is a result of Indian stories transformed into perfect and elegant designs . The name KAUNTEYA itself is derived from the Epic of Mahabharat wherein the sons of Kunti is termed as.

"Since time I can remember, I have been deeply fascinated by Indian art forms, architecture, culture, rituals and things associated with these rituals. I was particularly drawn to native art forms like Gond, Madhubani, Phad. Pattachitra and Traditional arts like Pichwai. Miniatures and mural. To advance this fascination, I travelled a lot, and still travel whenever I get a chance. I have traversed Indian nature, wildlife, art festivals, luxury palaces and even base level village life. I have also travelled to Russia and Europe. It’s safe to say that I am blessed with an artistic soul and after brushing with so much of Indian and world art, I had to do something. The seedlings were there, all it took was churning of thoughts, some ditching, few pangs of failure, few chisels of re-shaping and there I had my very own startup project-Kaunteya. My grandfather used to have these pieces from Royal Albert series, I think that was my first brush with hi-end tableware. Combined with my desire to present the Indian art brilliance to the world on a medium which is more mainstream and widely approachable, tableware became the obvious choice." - Sonal Jetha to TDC

Picture courtesy: Kaunteya

Since the time unknown, India enjoys a position high up in terms of art, architecture, rituals, and festivities. These aspects have their own aura, vibrancy and of course a tale, tales which are passed down the generations but are missing in mainstream. Kaunteya has brought these tales in mainstream product design with their 4 tableware series – Byah, Pichwai, Jyamiti and Dasara.

Picture courtesy: Kaunteya

Each series has its own tale of inspiration, Byah is based on Phad Art, Pichwai tells the tales of Lord Krishna, Jyamiti is dedicated to symmetry of Indian architecture and Dasara portrays the Mysore Dussehra. The series are visual candies to eyes and can be seen at

"Kaunteya employs both modern software compatible artists as well as original art

form artists. Being from advertising industry, forming an artist pool was easy. The

pool consists of digital painters, sketch artists, graphics illustrators who together

imprint the base design truest to its original art inspiration. Our original artisans are

based in Karnataka, MP, Rajasthan and Bihar. And we are proud that we are able to

help these artisans with a part of our sales to keep their art form alive." - Sonal Jetha to TDC

Picture courtesy: Kaunteya

The Kaunteya chief – Sonal Jetha tells that Kaunteya products are best suited for luxury wedding gifting, collectors, luxury dining facilities, resorts and hotels and anybody interested in unique tableware.  Currently catering to orders for wedding gifts, she further elaborated that soon a fifth series will be launched. Kaunteya series are available on amazon global for world buyers.

Brand: Kaunteya Tableware Designer & Owner: Sonal Jetha Category: Tableware Design, Product Design

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