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Located at the Heart of Pune City, this Exquisite House Serves as an Ode to Modern Living

The homeowners aspired to own a safe haven that they could call their home. Keeping this in mind, Ankita Nand, the principal architect of AndSpaces, proceeded to create a residence that brims with understated opulence and grandeur.

Every room reflects the aesthete's tastes and channelizes their narrative. Despite its bijou size, we designed a home with top-notch style, grace, and utility. The furniture was a bespoke creation to reflect the style and personality of the owners. Against a monochromatic theme, this apartment features basic, sleek, and stylish décor components.

The entrance leads to a wood-paneled living room with beige and ivory tones. The home's royal, comfortable aesthetic is emphasised by the mellow styles and jute swade upholstery. This area appears spotless, sophisticated, and timeless. A marble finish on the walls sharpens the entire space and adds a majestic touch.

Furnishings are a sight for sore eyes. The entire house is well edited, with every piece of furniture having a distinct purpose and meaning. The two bedrooms have a model color palette with a pleasing appearance with polished oak floors and flushed inside lighting. The rooms’ drapes and the charms of in-house.

Project: A Palatial Haven

Location: Pune

Design House: AndSpaces

Principal Architects: Ar. Ankita Nand Deshmukh

Photography: Yamini Krishna Photography


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