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Meet the Artist: Sachin George Sebastian

"An artist whose magical paper installations have made their mark in numerous displays defying the boundaries of mediums and themes. We talked to him about his art, inspirations and how his is exploring new directions in his artistic practice." - Editior

Sachin George Sebastian, Paper Artist

Why Paper? What is  the story behind your installations?

Starting off from pop up books, paper,  for me was the apt medium to tell the stories of the fragile structures surrounding.

Your primary subject is the city itself. What draws you to it?

The utter chaos and the beauty it offers which brings each city it's own unique character, how despite the chaos, people are religiously drawn into it, it's carnivorous nature, how a city changes it's subjects and how subjects change the city. These could be few things to start with.

What project or artwork according to you stands out from your artistic practice and why? Was there a turning point that gave you a push into limelight?

I don't think I reached any limelight. And like i said, the shows and works are like, once work is done, it isn't my favorite anymore. I continue for the next work and galleries, put them for shows and fairs. But a turning point in my work would be the 2009 Khoj Residency. My first step into the art world!

What is your own favourite work so far?

Still working on the favourite work that stands out. Why, because of constant unsatisfied feeling at the end of each work as the story to be told is too big to pick a single work out. 

Which artists in the present day scenario you look up to or are moved by?

Bharti Kher, Mahburbur Rahman etc.

What are your plans as an artist for the future?

Make more artworks and thus see the boundary of imagination and possibilities if it's there.

How difficult is it for artists in India to reach an audience and more importantly educated them about your art?

I guess, with the amount of galleries, pop up shows, public art initiatives etc, it is quite convenient for an artist with good works in india to reach an audience. . To educate an audience will take it's time.

Any exhibitions or event in the near future you plan on displaying your work at?

Focusing on a new body of work.

What would your advice be for young artists?

Hustle! Make it happen!! . Maybe stop wasting time at tea points talking about art?


A: Sachin George Sebastian

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