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Monochrome Interiors Create a Minimal Backdrop for this Young, Vibrant and Quirky Office in Mumbai

Mumbai Live Offices by Malavika Sukathankar

Built on a crunch budget and tight timeline of roughly thirty days, this sixteen hundred square foot of office space for the media outlet Mumbai Live aims at being a young, vibrant and quirky work environment offering a monochrome backdrop with subtly contrasting hues of teal and burgundy.

Picture Courtesy: Malavika Sukathankar

The spaces are segregated using a variety of forms, shapes and colours giving each space a unique identity. "We were on a budget and also a tight schedule of 30 days. The office space was a total of 1600 SQ.FT. We were asked to retain the MD’S office and work around the rest of the layout. The challenge we faced here was segregation of spaces – as zen live is a very formal work atmosphere and Mumbai live and call to action are very lively and creative working environment." said interior designer Malavika Sukathankar.

Picture Courtesy: Malavika Sukathankar

Designing for a young user group, roughly within the the age of 22-30 years old, the primary objective was to create a positive, young and quirky workplace in order to make the space feel lively. Yet, retain elements that are very formal sophisticated and classy for the parent company's other branches to work in. 

Picture Courtesy: Malavika Sukathankar

The reception, being the common entry point, a formal and classy look and feel was purposely retained with the backdrop of black white with a subtle splash teal. An archway was introduced to bifurcates the two in-house companies in continuation with the design theme. While the reception and conference is mainly in monochrome, the rest of the space has been given completely different vibe.

Picture Courtesy: Malavika Sukathankar

The workstation area, graphics room and main news room has a very quirky theme running across them with play of color, light, texture, form and artwork. 

Every elevation or so to say desk space has a different elevation from the other to create a sense of flow and to differentiate it from the other. But the forms and color scheme has been maintained to be the same - monochrome with pops of teal, Pink and Burgundy. A lot of clear glass has been used to create open spaces and also to create a sense of continuity and flow between spaces. 

Picture Courtesy: Malavika Sukathankar

In all, a classical touch with sophisticated colors and materials blend seamlessly to create a perfect set up of a contemporary corporate environment.

Project: Mumbai Live Offices

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Design House: Malavika Sukathankar

Photography: Kushang Dholakia and Yash Kinare




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