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Myriad of Frames Come Together for this Rustic-Inspired Contemporary Brick House

The Infinite Frames by the interior WORKSHOP

Multiple planes become clever architecture details for the ‘The Infinite Frames’ house in Surat that aims to find the right balance between built mass and the open space.

An abode that sits on a plot size 50x48 and displays a flawless amalgamation of exposed, rustic-style materials and contemporary architecture. Natural light floods every space keeping in mind its aesthetic appeal and the overall look of the house. The home is an elegant amalgamation of beautiful yet functional interiors that make it a safe haven for its users.

With a combination of exposed brick and exposed RCC along with large-sized glass windows, we have channelized our efforts into making the main compositional structure of the house and created a multilevel altitude. The blocks have varying heights according to the function. The welcoming zone is the double-height living space, with bedrooms on the middle floor and the service zone being the lowest, thus making the whole structure three-storeyed.

To complement the exposed brickwork, the public spaces have been completed with autumnal-toned furniture. Natural-colored finishes feature throughout the rest of the house, with wooden cabinets and tables teamed with stone flooring and areas of exposed concrete. The thinnest, deepest and most beloved part of this project is the hallway and the staircase area.

The Open concept allows natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows to illuminate every part of the space. The calm palette in the interior is equipped entirely with a variety of iconic Italian furniture. This includes a luxurious corner sofa and armchairs in the mustard color which makes it look trendy along with a classic coffee table placed in the living room.

The earthy color palette makes it look rich and enhances its grandeur. The timeless black and white paintings cover the entire space making it a fascinating element for the members of the house.

Project: The Infinite Frames

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Design House: the interior WORKSHOP

Lead Architect: Tejas MistryJangid, Ruturaj Parikh

Photography: Nilkanth Bharucha





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