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Neo-Classical Interiors Mixed with Luxurious & Timeless Decor that Exudes a Classic Feel

Ahluwalia Farm by Beyond Designs

This property is spread over 3 acres of land and sub-divided into ground and basement floors.

A play of levels is evident in the architectural vocabulary of the house as one enters from the driveway. The ground floor primarily consists of the foyer, kitchen, family lounge, family dining, master bedroom and guest bedrooms while the basement comprises the formal areas like formal living room, dining room, bar and also two rooms for the daughters.

Interestingly, the basement opens into the lawns, gardens, gazebo and pool area. The look and feel of the project are inspired by neo-classical interiors with the furnishing depicting a fusion of English and classical feel. All the areas aim to showcase utmost luxury reiterated by the play of lights with grand chandeliers and hanging lights.

The family dining room: The breath-taking family dining room overlooking the garden is filled with light. The stone-topped dining table has brass details on its base in a black finish. The eight-seater chairs are upholstered in plain blue fabric on the inside and a complementary paisley fabric on the outside leading to an interesting play of textures. A stunning chandelier brings focus to the dining table.

A modern bedroom for the daughter in a neutral base has playful, floral wallpaper in the same shade. The padded bed, mirror side table and sofa, bedside lights are all by Beyond Designs. The TV unit in wicker in the daughter’s room offers a lot of earthy textures and console brims with interest with vertical patterns on the front.

Fitted with an ornate wooden ceiling decoration finished in dull gold, the gazebo is fitted with classic-contemporary furniture: marble centre table with lass's legs; crystal chandeliers; upholstered wooden sofa; leather chairs; chairs in rich upholstery; decorative mirror in the dull gold finish on the mantel; low hanging chandeliers; side tables with crossed brass legs. The twin table lamps are covered in pretty fabric.

Project: Ahluwalia Farm

Design House: Beyond Designs

Photography: Atul Pratap Chauhan


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