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Nestled against the backdrop of the Aravallis, The Leela Palace Reiterates the Majestic Architecture

The Leela Palace by IDEAS

The project reiterates the Traditional Architecture of the region and offers a perfect blend of classic design and contemporary flourishes. From the intricate Jaalis to the ornate thikri (Glass Inlay) work, to the enchanting architecture, the luxury resort gives its guests a glimpse of majestic Rajasthan.

Nestled against the lush backdrop of the Aravallis, is an instantly recognizable structure emblematic of the region's rich history. In all its glory, the elegant, white structure stands tall and mighty, representing modern luxury juxtaposed with royal heritage-superlative architecture embellished with the intricacies of Jaipuri framework such is the brilliance of The Leela Palace, Jaipur.

The architecture-iterates traditional elements inspired by Rajasthan's abundant culture, from the opulent palaces in the Pink City to the nooks and crannies that reveal heritage and delicate sophistication. The intricate jaalis and ornate thikri work offer a perfect blend of classic design and contemporary flourishes. The enchanting architecture occupies an expansive 30,000 square meters with its façade fashioned to dignified perfection.

Project: The Leela Palace

Location: Jaipur

Design House: IDEAS

Principal Architect: Gyanendra Singh Shekhawat

Design Team: Girish Khandelwal, Sanjay Goyal

Interior Design: P49, Thailand

Landscape: Burega Farnell, Singapore





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