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Neutral Grey Concrete and Earthy Terracotta Become the Star Attraction of this House in Agra

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

The Terracotta house exemplifies a relationship between neutral grey concrete and earthy terracotta. Terracotta tiles wrap the façade to mystify the lives within and create a harmonious world outside with a walkway and lush greens.

The balmy attitude of house is inspired by the congenial etiquette of the family inside. A color palette carrying white and earthy tones, welcomes a visitor with a voluminous double height entrance lobby and a bridge on the top that defines the experience of the journey throughout the house.

The master bedroom is a unified space with distinct functions and no visual barriers. The screen is hidden behind a black cantilevered TV unit, the back of which doubles as a study. Wardrobes that reach the ceiling blend in with the rest of the room. The bedrooms are sparse but not bare. Internally, the master bedroom extends to a double-height outhouse rising from the basement. The outhouse, with its reflective ceiling, is painted in the same colours as the house.

The outhouse, with its reflective ceiling follows the same color palette as the house. It is cozy, and compact with a home theater in the basement and floating wooden log staircase leading to a convertible pool table on the mezzanine floor.

The architecture of the terracotta house tells the story of a modern Indian household. The shifting and contrasting lifestyles, activities, and daily routines of three generations, brought together seamlessly by the design of the space they live in. How, much like our society, independence and togetherness can coexist. The design aims to create a space that is universal in its presentation, with layers that reveal themselves as one interacts with it.

Project: The Terracotta House

Location: Agra

Design House: Studio Archohm

Principal Architect: Sourabh Gupta

Photography: Andre J Fanthome


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