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New Headquarters for Xotik Opens Doors in Mumbai with Bold Accents Against Subtle Backdrops

The reception is a bold statement-making bar area that serves its signature drinks to the guests on arrival.

Designers kept the main elements but added a lot of light, colour, and fun to match the essence of Jeeru. They used a pista green to add a splash of colour to this massive conference room without making it too loud. The art on the walls is particularly noteworthy because it was created by children from an NGO. The staff area is the heart of the office; all of the rooms open into it, so it needed to be lively, comfortable, and functional. They used mature shades of the fun colours in this office and limited the executive cabins to rich neutral shades.

1) What were the key challenges faced during the project? - Budget and time, like in every commercial space. Besides that, we had a lot of old furniture and structures that needed to be heavily tweaked to work through our layout.

2) Inspiration behind choice of materials and colors? - The product branding and culture. Since they sell colourful, peppy beverages and have a very employee-loving non-corporate working culture, we knew that a balance between neutrals and colour-pops would work perfectly.

3) Key design interventions that make the project unique? - The giant green conference room table without any joints, the iconic reception bar in blue that gives a stunning welcome, the wooden desks with leather inlay.

4) What was the first reaction of the client towards the project? - The clients fell in love with it, asked for no changes at all and cherish every moment in their space.

Project: Xotik Office

Location: Mumbai

Design House: Preed'fine

Principal Designers: Preetu Muley Pandey

Photography: Anuja Kambli


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