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NSAD Combines Modern Elements & Traditional Design Using Bespoke Furniture Against a Muted Backdrop

The Play•ball House by NSAD Studio

The Play•ball House is a 1200 Square feet home designed for a young couple in Ahmedabad. Inspired by their playful lifestyle the design merges modern elements with their cultural beliefs.

Upon entering the living room, gentle north light bathes a grey-striped sectional sofa and oak brown wooden elements. A striking wooden ball upholding the TV console makes a captivating focal point aligning with the solid wood coffee table.

A crimson entrance console against intricate wall patterns introduces an unforeseen touch of sophistication.

A metal partition adorned with detached wooden spheres elegantly separates the living room and open kitchen. The kitchen adorned in wood and neutral tones serves as the centrepiece of the home.

The master bedroom radiates features clean lines, rich oak wood and ample natural light while the parental bedroom offers a calm white space with subtle gold accents. Kid’s bedroom incorporates a mint green wardrobe and rotating ochre cushions adding a touch of whimsy.

A seamless union of practicality and material essence is achieved in the play•ball house, forming a haven of ease and uncomplicated elegance.

Project: The Play•ball House

Location: Ahmedabad, India

Design House: NSAD Studio

Principal Designers: Nachiket Shelat, Nishita Kedia

Photography: Murtaza Gandhi


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