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Ocube Architects Design a Luxurious Home with Integrated Traditional Elements and Bespoke Furniture

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Keeping the client’s requirement of creating a space that not only attracts but also captivates the user, Ocube architects conceptualized this space as an amalgamation of contemporary architecture and ancient architectural elements.

Brief given by the client was to merge two duplex apartments, which were on the 4th floor of the building. Accordance to the requirements two master bedrooms, small guest room, living hall, drawing hall and kitchen/ dining spaces were planned out. There was a need of royal air with a modern touch to it as per the likings of the client.

Starting with the living room, a modern design with artistic play of geometrical pattern with mirrors were incorporated which made the space more interactive. The stone and gold finishes compliments the overall look of the space giving a luxurious feel overall.

"The common terrace is designed with a sleek wall fountain that showcases surface water flow. This space is designed to give a relaxing and peaceful ambience. The drawing hall theme is inspired by the royal palace, art deco with modern era modifications, styles, moldings, carvings are the traces taken from art deco era." - Ocube Architects

The master bedroom is a formal modern space with elegant stone finishes. The richly patterned and translucent onyx stone serves as a decorative accent, infusing exquisite luxe and creating a stunning backdrop. The concept of "hidden doors" is applied in such a way that they blend with the walls without breaking the pattern, in conjunction with the furniture design and fabrication work on the bed back, which provides a sense of comfort.

Project: Kala's Residence

Location: Jaipur

Design House: Ocube Architects

Principal Designer: Mohit Chordia

Photography: Studio BluOra


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